11 Dec 2016

Beyond Now reviewed in Pitchfork

Pitchfork has reviewed Beyond Now, praising the album as “a welcome reminder of what they brought to Bowie’s final studio album…should be sought out by anyone who wants another experience of the invention heard on Blackstar.” See the review here!


17 Mar 2016

New Album ‘Beyond Now’ out now

Donny McCaslin’s new album Beyond Now is out now! On this album, Donny is joined by JASON LINDNER, Timothy Lefebvre, and Mark Guiliana, special guests Jeff Taylor and Nate Wood. Dedicated to and inspired by David Bowie, the album features two Bowie covers (“A Small Plot of Land” and “Warszawa”), covers of songs


7 Mar 2016

Beyond Now Exclusive Album Premiere in Mashable

Mashable.com premiered Donny McCaslin’s new album ‘Beyond Now’! You can now listen to http://trycheapviagra.com/what-was-the-healing-before-viagra-appeared-on-the-counters-and-some-ancient-recipes/ the album in full, one week before its release. Click here to see the feature.